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A Fusion of modern, ballet, African and Chinese Dance

Photo credit: Jeff Forman
GreeneWorks searches for talented students that possess what we term as “BodySpeak”; a body capable of translating various languages through the use of complex movement and interpretive dance. Terence Greene is the founder of The GreeneWorks Project. His philosophy is “Whatever comes from the heart, reaches the heart.” GreeneWorks trains its dancers to be inspiring, passionate and provocative.  It has created some of the best dancers in the business. First you learn technique, then you learn to speak.

The GreeneWorks Project offers one of the finest teaching, consulting and choreography curricula in the nation. Greeneworks  presents award winning local, national and international performances. It also extends its productions for smaller settings as well.

The GreeneWorks Project specializes in a fusion of modern, ballet, African, and Chinese influenced dances conceived by renowned dance choreographer Terence Greene.






Photo credit: Dale Dong